From the team at Lauren Hinkley, comes a new brand in children's jewellery, gifts, and accessories: Mon Coco.

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We live in an age where kids are growing up faster than ever and sometimes they don't always get to just be kids. Mon Coco strives to create beautiful jewellery and accessories which put fun and imagination at the forefront, where a mermaid's shell ring can send them on a journey under the sea, or a charm bracelet can let them find out what unicorns dream of ...

Bonjour, Miss Coco.

Miss Coco

Miss Coco, the effervescent mascot of Mon Coco, was born from the very essence of what the brand aspires to be: exciting, bold, and full of heart.

She is the quintessential French girl. Her name evokes Coco Chanel while her style is schoolgirl mixed with high street fashion combined meets fairy tale princess. She loves macarons, perfume, and posies. She wears a crown because she is the queen of her own castle, and she's also a generous, loyal, and protective friend who loves to laugh and have fun.

Get to know her and her style at Mon Coco today!