Rainbow Collection

Ride a rainbow of fun with a brand NEW collection from Lauren Hinkley Australia

Rainbows delight and inspire the imaginations of children and adults alike, and with our rainbow collection  we aim to capture that excitement and wonder.

The new rainbow collection features our most intricate and detailed pieces to date, including several new necklaces, gem-studded earrings, and hair accessories. The star of the collection is our Somewhere Over The Rainbow Charm Bracelet, the name alone evoking dreamy memories of a rainbow filled sky, and featuring a new colour palette never before used at Lauren Hinkley Australia and carried across the entire collection.

We are also excited to introduce our new Besties Necklace Set; a matching pair of necklaces each with their own half of rainbow, cloud, and stars, proudly declaring “Besties”. Belonging is so important to children, and every little girl has their own best friend they want the entire world to know about. This piece is the kind of jewellery which will retain meaning for its wearers and inform other fashion and accessory choices for them.