How to Make Salt Jars 

Materials required
- Large bag of cheap salt
- Coloured chalk (chunky sticks are best)
- Range of empty jars with the labels removed, cleaned and dried thoroughly
- A4 paper

Instructions- so easy...

- On a smooth hard surface place an A4 piece of paper
- Pour a small mound of salt in the centre of the paper
- Rub the long edge of a chalk stick all over the mound of salt until you achieve your colour and shade of choice (light or dark)
- Lift both sides of the paper up and pour your coloured salt into your jar. Don’t shake the jar, just let the salt pour in and settle in whatever shape or form it takes.
- Repeat above steps, choosing a different chalk colour each time. You can rotate the jar to pour the salt in at different points of the jar as you like.
- Keep going with layers of different colours until the jar is full.
- Place lid on tightly. Alternatively you can also leave the lid off and put some fake/artificial flower stems in and use as a vase. Beer bottles are good for single stems.
* Tip - For younger children, tip the salt into a plastic jug so it is easy for them to pour it onto their paper themselves without help or supervision

Cat Storm @Catstorm8

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April 24, 2020